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 What's going on with Marvel?

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What's going on with Marvel? Empty
PostSubject: What's going on with Marvel?   What's going on with Marvel? EmptyMon May 11, 2009 12:46 pm

So recently I haven't been reading any of Marvel's current storyline with the exception of keeping an eye on Cable with his many shenanigans with the Messiah War. I have been spending most of my time reading Fables and I just currently finished Transmetropolitan, thanks Q for lending me those.

So I go into Tim's over the weekend, and I'm shocked to pick up a copy of Thor and seeing Tony Stark/Iron Man getting his ass handed to him by a rather pissed off returning thunder god. I'm guessing its in relation to the events of Civil War as Thor was MIA for that. But that's just the start of my shock.

So after "winning" the civil war, Tony Stark saw about a year of being the man on top with running SHIELD. Well apparently he's been fired and blamed for the recent Skrull Secret invasion, and Norman Osborn is his replacement... wait a sec? Green Goblin is replacing Iron Man as the leader of SHIELD??? Wait! its not called SHIELD anymore, Osborn renamed it as HAMMER. This seems to be a new Marvel trend of having "reformed" villians running things, because we had Emma Frost in charge of the X-men academy, and now we have Osborn as not only the leader of a paramilitary organization, but as the future Secretary of Defense. Oh and he's not the Green Goblin anymore, after taking over Stark Industries and stealing all of Tony's toys, he is now the Iron Patriot, which looks like a streamlined shinny Iron Man suit.

So Stark used to be one of my favorite characters, but after his asshole like behavor during and after Civil war, I kinda stopped liking him. But it looks like he's really in the dumps right now, any thoughts?
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What's going on with Marvel?
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