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 A Beginning... of Sorts

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PostSubject: A Beginning... of Sorts   A Beginning... of Sorts EmptySun Jun 21, 2009 8:36 pm

They called it good clean English weather, but it was all bollocks. Just an attempt to put a bright face on the infinite grey sky and rain. Mr. Edward Bond steadied himself as the carriage hit a sizeable pot hole and sent a great spray of water upon the pavement. He secured himself in his seat but noticed that they had come to a stop. The doors to the carriage were opened and Edward stepped down, accepting the umbrella from the coachmen.

Edward immediately withdrew the handkerchief from within his pocket and brought it up to his nose. He was unaccustomed to the smells of Whitechapel, even in the rain. He looked up to the street sign and was glad that his driver had dropped him off at this precise meeting point, a gentlemen like himself shouldn't have cause to wander the streets at this hour. Almost in answer to his thought, he began to hear a light thumbing noise originating from around the street corner. He recognized the sound as the rhythmic walking of a man with a cane.

A figure emerged from the street corner, tall and imposing, his top hat and long coat adding to
his impressive nature. He stopped for a brief second to appraise Mr. Bond and his carriage before continuing to walk forward, stopping again a few feet from Edward. He removed his top hat and nodded slightly, “Good Evening, Mr. Bond”, he said with a perfectly refined accent, not something that was common in Whitechapel.

Edward briefly smiled and returned the nod, “Good Evening Mr. Heath, concluded your house calls?” He held up the umbrella, offering the taller man to join him. Mr. Health stepped closer to get out of the rain and shock off the water from his top hat.

Mr. Heath sniffed once, “Indeed I have. Sorry to dispense with the pleasantries, but what does our lovely Queen and Country have for us this evening.”

Edward handed the umbrella to Mr. Heath and stepped towards the carriage. He picked up his attaché case, opened it and withdrew the dark brown letter from within, he handed it to Mr. Heath and took back the umbrella. Mr. Heath silently read the enclosed letter, and finally made a sound of disgust upon completing it. He folded it back up and handed it back to Mr. Bond. “So they have us playing watch dogs, eh?” he said with a sneer.

Edward silently chuckled to himself, “Well we certainly can't have the fun assignments every night,” he indicated towards the carriage, “Come, let us get this over and done with.” He began to walk towards the open carriage when he noticed that Mr. Heath had remained where he was. Mr. Heath put his top hat back on and stepped towards the mouth of the alley way.

“I will be with you momentarily, I just need to wash my hands...”. He stepped up to the water barrel at the entrance to the alley and withdrew a folded handkerchief from within his jacket. He opened it, producing the wrapped soap and began to wash his hands. He then drew back the folds of his coat and placed out four silver knives, each of a different length, and began to wash those, carefully drying them on the inside of his coat. He then placed them back and folded up the soap within the handkerchief. He joined Edward in the carriage, and smiled, “Come, let us find this American.”
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PostSubject: Re: A Beginning... of Sorts   A Beginning... of Sorts EmptyMon Jun 22, 2009 1:21 am

There where these 2 characters from Neil Gaimans Neverwhere, Vandermar and Croop I think they were called. Vandermar was tall, clean cut, and wolfish, I imagine the dude who played Saurumon, he was insanely powerful, and didnt feel pain. Oh, he was also hungry ALL the time, and ate anything he killed, rat, arm, insects, babies, w/e. Croop in contrast was short, foxish, with a shock of red hair, I always imagined him as sort of a hunchback with pointy teeth, ugly pigish features and a shrill voice, but by no means not equal to Vandermar. Hes fast as the wind and makes up for any other shortcomings by being cunning as hell, and for whatever reason, I found these 2 characters to be entertaining as all hell, and terrifying at the same time.

I would be delighted to have these 2 guys in your story have a similar effect on me.
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A Beginning... of Sorts
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