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 New Star Trek

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PostSubject: New Star Trek   Mon May 11, 2009 12:56 pm

So I happened to see the new Star Trek over the weekend with Q and Z, and I have to say, it was awesome. I'm not a Star Trek fan, up until this past christmas, I had only seen a few of the movies. Never watched any of the series', but I was impressed with what Abrams put fourth. I wasn't too crazy about the new look of the Romulans, being a fan of the Nemisis movie, I kinda liked the raised eyebrow look instead of the tattoos, but hey, its new, its neat.

But the thing I wanted to discuss was this: the romulan ship that is terrorizing the galaxy and the other super advanced ship, both being from the future, are a mining ship and a science vessel. I kinda liked how we get an industructable ship from the future, tearing up entire fleets of Klingons and the Federation, and its a mining ship! A ship that probably wouldn't be that crazy if it was in its own time setting. So that got me wondering, what if say the Scimitar from Nemisis would have come through instead of a mining ship, a super huge ultimate war machine? would they have been able to stop it?
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New Star Trek
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